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For ChildreN's Formulas

- Babies and toddlers must get their essential fatty acids through a balanced diet - making our nutritional oils an ideal additive to children’s formulas.

- We supply a key ingredient critical to early brain development for children of all ages.

- Our product supports bone, eye and nervous system growth as babies develop - in the womb and during the all-important early years of life.

- A safe, effective and essential ingredient that ensures growing children get the DHA they need for their overall health.

- Our algal oil has received European approval for use in infant formula.

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For Nutritional Supplements

- Nutritional DHA builds and preserves (and may even enhance) cognitive and mental health.

- Essential fatty acids are key to the brain’s overall structural integrity and performance.

- DHA is the body's preferred building block for brain cell membranes and nerve cells.

- All of Mara's products are vegetarian, sustainable and free from marine contaminants.

- Mara's algal oil is composed of >400 mg/g DHA, >99% triglyceride form, is naturally rich in omega-7 fatty acids and carotenoids, with a low TOTOX.

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For FOOD Applications

- Essential fatty acids cannot be synthesized by our bodies - they must be supplied through a healthy diet (making them an ideal food additive).

- Health advocates and practitioners recommend a diet high in DHA, including from foods fortified with essential fatty acids.

- Foods fortified with DHA are proven to be beneficial for heart health.

- Algal oil is composed of >350 mg/g DHA, with other attributes similar to oil produced for the supplement market.

- Mara`s algal oil is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) approved, and has received European substantial equivalence.


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